Is what we see what we get? You may say that how you look doesn't matter; however, you may not be aware that other people make decisions about you before you have the opportunity to speak or act. Who are you? Why does it matter? Because knowing who you are makes you confident. And self-confidence, is the key to your personal and professional success.

Let's talk about clothes. Do they fit? Do they flatter your body shape? Do they reflect your personality? What about color? Do people say, "You look great!" instead of, "Are you not feeling well today?" Are you wearing or using accessories that tell us what you want us to know about you, in the first few moments we meet? When you look in your closet and you can't find anything you want to wear, that means you do not have clothes that express who you are, and the role you are playing that day.

Have you thought that when you are: dining out, networking and introducing people, answering interview questions or answering your phone, you are also telling us who you are? That when you: show up on time, leave some things unsaid, host parties, send cards and give gifts, we learn more about you?

Consider that you are what you say. That your words and your body language define you. Are you looking for a new definition?

Whether you are at school, work, or home, ask yourself if everything you think, feel, say, and do is in line with who you are and how you present yourself.